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Francis Chan in his book Crazy Love wrote the following words which I provide to you for your consideration.

Most of us use “I’m waiting for God to reveal His calling on my life” as a  means of avoiding action. Did you hear God calling you to sit in front of the television yesterday? Or to go on your last vacation? Or exercise this morning? Probably not, but you still did it. The point isn’t that vacations or exercise are wrong, but that we are quick to rationalize our entertainment and priorities yet are slow to commit to serving God (p. 167)

By the way if your looking for a good book that will both challenge your spirit and convict your heart I commend to you this book. What makes his work stand out compared to others who point us to “loving our neighbors” is that Chan centers us in Christ as the means of our action from beginning to end. If you’ve had the chance to read Crazy Love I’d like to hear your thoughts.


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